Christmas Series: Decorating A Formal Table & Bookcase

Are you still in the process of decorating your home for the holiday season?  Well, obviously you can tell that I am still putting the finishing touches on the holiday décor in my home.  Once again, we are hosting the family holiday dinner at my home, so which meant that I needed to get my formal dining table decorated and prepared to meet and greet friends and family.

I did not go over-the-top with the decorations as I have in times past.  For one, I am so behind on getting my home decorated for the holiday season that simplicity and understated elegance was the quickest and easiest way to decorate under time constraints.  I am sure that some are going to look at my photographs and say to themselves…”simplicity and understated elegance”…LOL!  Why yes, if you only knew of the Christmas design I had in mind for this year, you would have to agree that this is a very scaled down version…lol!

But to no avail, holiday decorations are going up and my family is very happy to say the least because they were getting very concerned about not having any holiday decorations in the home this year .


I decided to go with the “sugar plum” theme on my formal dining table this year.  The apothecary jars are filled with sugarplum coated lemons, pears, and white grapes.  In addition, the Christmas floral arrangement is in a sugarplum theme.

neiman full view

A closer view of the floral arrangement.  If you noticed I placed tealights on the candelabra instead of the candle tapers.  I was wanting to keep from obstructing the view of me and my guests as we are dining and having conversation around the table.

neiman apothercary jars large

I found this plates at Horchow, Neiman Marcus last year on an after-holiday clearance table.  They were only $7.99 for a box of 4 plates (original price $60.00)….what a deal!  I purchased two boxes for that price.  I love the fact that each plate says  “toast” or “cheers” in a different language.


Now, if you watched my Christmas DIY Projects video, these were two of the three projects that I created and have now used them in my dining table décor and bookcase.

This is my Christmas setting DIY project.  I added some additional trees along with townspeople to complete the look…I love it!

neiman christmas setting


And here is the Reindeer Canvas picture, another one of my Christmas DIY Project.  I am so proud of myself…LOL!

neiman reindeer canvas

I actually did a video tour of my decorated formal dining table and bookcase.  So please click on the video tour and enjoy!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Christmas Series: Decorative Christmas Fireplace Mantle

The countdown has begun to counting the number of days left until Christmas Day.  I am sure with this coming weekend that the shopping centers are going to be swamped with last minute shoppers trying to purchase that last minute perfect Christmas gift.

Well, I am going to let everyone enjoy that last minute hustle and bustle while I sit back and enjoy my hot cup of cocoa and enjoy reading my favorite magazine.  You are probably asking yourself “how is she able to be so calm and relaxed with less than 9 days until Christmas?”…that is because I finished my Christmas shopping early…LOL!

However, I maybe finished with all my Christmas shopping, but I am very behind on getting my home decorated for the Christmas holiday.  So for your viewing enjoyment and my procrastination, I am still in the process of decorating my home and posting videos for my Christmas Series.

Each year, I change up the look of my fireplace mantle for the Christmas holiday.  Out of all the spaces in my home to decorate for the holiday season, my fireplace mantle is my favorite.  It is a small area to decorate, but it makes such a big impact in the space.

tamela fullsize mantle

This year, I decided to go with the colors in gold, silver and white.  In addition, I wanted to keep the fireplace simple in design to flow with the clean transitional design style of my home.  I kept my wreath very simple just by adding in small decorative balls in gold and white.  By keeping the wreath simple, it allowed my deer faux taxidermy head adorned in its gold and white ribbon to take center stage on the wall.

Next by adding the glass hurricane lamps with white candle jars inserted on the inside, it helped to bring some glamour and understated elegance to the mantle.  The white apothecary jars nestled in the corners bring a fresh and clean feeling to the mantle.

Be sure to watch the video at the end of this post so that you can see my unusual way to make an easy “lift” to elevate items in your decorative vignettes.

tamela sideview mantle

I finished off decorating my mantle by scattering decorative balls in various sizes and colors and also adding the word plaques, “peace” and “noel”.

I just had to post an up-close picture of my wreath…isn’t it gorgeous!tamela wreath mantle

Now don’t forget to click to watch the video tour of my decorative fireplace mantle.

Thanks for stopping by and have a “Merry Christmas”!



Scout Design Studio: Dallas’s Best Kept Secret

I am always on the lookout for the best places to shop for unique and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and decorative accents.  So while checking my email on Thursday morning, I came across an interesting email from Scout Design Studio that featured pictures of unique furniture pieces that immediately caught my eye.  As I was scrolling through looking at all the great “winter arrivals” at their studio, I immediately put this place at the top of my “to do list” to check out their studio and their great finds.  So with my keys in hand and my design assistant in tow, we headed over to Scout Design Studio.

Scout Design Studio is located in the Dallas Design District.  And if you know anything about interior design, this is the area where interior designers, decorators and antique lovers come and peruse some of  Dallas’s premier design showrooms and studios.  So it is quite fitting for Scout Design Studio to have their premier showroom located in the heart of the Dallas Design District

scout front entrance

Scout Design Studio has a 15,000 square foot showroom full of eclectic finds well- suited for any design style ranging from vintage, mid-century, contemporary, modern,…let’s just say, they have a little bit of something for everyone.

Their showrooms are full of fabulous finds from around the globe such as art & accessories, lighting, furniture, case goods, one-of-a-kind, and eccentric items.

In addition, not only do they have a great selection of furniture and decorative accents, they also offer professional services such as re-upholstery, refinishing, laquering and painting to re-imagine their existing items to meet your specific design needs or to refurbish your existing furniture pieces.

While I was there, I even had the pleasure of meeting and taking a tour of the studio with co-owner, Flann Harris.  He is so upbeat and welcoming that he makes your shopping experience fun, exciting, and educational at the same time.

flann and tamela with Lisa

Left to right (Flann Harris, Co-owner, Lisa the “showroom giraffe, and me)

As you can see, I had a great time visiting and touring Scout Design Studio and I even found a couple of items that may find a new place in my home. If you are ever in the Dallas area and you are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, then please be sure to visit Scout Design Studio…you won’t be disappointed!

Scout Design Studio

155 Howell Street

Dallas, Texas 75207



If you want to see the full tour of Scout Design Studio, please click on the video below.  And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP & SHARE!



Christmas Series: Haute Find for The Day

It’s around this time of the year when our local thrift stores have an over-abundance of great items in their stores.  Not because more people are donating but because less people are doing their holiday shopping in thrift stores or Goodwills.  I take full advantage of this overlooked opportunity to browse in thrift stores and Goodwills on the hunt for DIY projects, gently used accent furniture, and decorative accessories for the home.

Since I have begun hosting more dinners and events in my home, I have been on this crusade of acquiring the best in entertainment dishware for the best in presentation.  The only thing that was missing from my entertainment dishware inventory was a “plate and silverware caddy”.  So when I ran across this plate and silverware caddy in my local Goodwill store, I squealed with delight not only because I had found my plate and silverware caddy but I had also found my “Haute Find for The Day”!


This is what it looked like before…

plate and silver caddy

I love the brass color, and the brown handles give it an “old-school” vibe.

Now here it is sitting so pretty in my Christmas buffet bookcase…

platter 2

The gold in the plates makes the brass color pop and tying the gold ribbon around the silverware gives it a festive feeling.  I am so excited about my new…(well it’s new to me) plate and silverware caddy that I could not resist in setting it up all ready to serve dinner on Christmas.

Yeah!…I can now scratch that off my Christmas wish list…LOL!!!


Christmas Decorating Series: Holiday Decorating for a Master Bedroom

I am hosting a Christmas Decorating Series on my YouTube Channel…Haute On Design as well as here on my blog.  In each video, I am going to share tips on how to decorate different spaces in your home for the holiday season.   Don’t forget to click on the video and SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP and SHARE!


The first space in my home that I begin decorating for the holidays is my master bedroom.  By decorating this space first, it allows me to have a restful place to come and relax after a long day of decorating other spaces in my home.

The first thing that I do in this space is to change out the fall pillows with pillows in the colors I am decorating with for the holiday season.  The colors in this space are the golds, ice blues, taupes and soft creams.

christmas master bedroom

pillow view

Don’t forget to add holiday decorative accents on your sidetables.   These are perfect spaces to showcase your favorite Christmas Santa…

black santa

or a new glitzy storage box.    I was so happy when I found this gold storage box at Ross because Z Gallerie carries the same box but obviously not at the same price as Ross…#winning!

tamela's nightstand

I love simplicity when it comes to decorating your master bedroom for the holiday season.  Simplicity, even when it comes to my holiday wreaths.  This season, I wanted the wreath above my bed to be elegant but in an understated way.  I decided to create an unique wreath by combining two different wreaths to make one whimsical and elegant wreath.  Gold ball ornaments and a couple of gold pick and spays completed the look.

holiday weath

Decorating at the foot of a bed is one of the most neglected area in a bedroom.  I decided to replace the two brown leather chairs with these elegant cream colored tufted wingbacks.  I love how these chairs brighten the space for the holiday season and not to mention that they are very comfortable to sit in to relax or read a book.

chair view

Hopefully these tips will inspire you to decorate your master bedroom for the holiday season.   Thanks for visiting my blog and have a wonderful and blessed holiday season and a Merry Christmas!


Warm Regards,


Let The Christmas Tree Decorating Begin!

Today kicked off the first of many days of Christmas tree decorating for my seasonal clients.  While others were busy taking advantage of all the Black Friday sales, my team and I were busy installing and decorating Christmas trees for one of my commercial clients.

This tree is a 12-foot slim that stands in the foyer of the this two-story building.  The colors choices for the tree are the deep burgundies, warm browns, bronze golds, and emerald greens which match perfectly with the colors in the space.

When it comes to decorating a tree, symmetry and balance is very crucial especially when you are having to decorate around the entire tree.  Wrapping the tree with the deco-mesh garland took about three attempts to get even around the entire tree…which was not fun at all.  Once I successfully got the deco-mesh evenly wrapped around the tree, then we started filling in the gaps with the burgundy poinsettas, along with gold and burgundy picks/spays.    In addition, adding in the emerald green ribbons on the ends of the tree branches adds another texture to the tree.

The last step to decorating a Christmas tree is to the add the ornaments.  Make sure to add the small ornaments on the top and work your way down to the bottom increasing the ornament size as you go down the tree.

le christmas tree midprogress 2014


My team and I decided to take a quick photo-op to showcase our Christmas tree decorating skills…LOL!

le christmas tree decorating crew

From left to right…(my personal assistant Fern, my daughter McKenzie, my design assistant Rolanda and me)

And here is the finished product.  We forgot to add the tree skirt before we snapped the picture.

Le christmas tree 2014

One tree down and many more to go before December 24…actually my last install will be on December 15.  Believe it or not, my Christmas tree has not been brought down from the attic yet….Yikes!

Don’t forget to check back for the next 15 days to see the many different Christmas trees my team and I decorate for the holiday season.





DIY: How To Make Whimsical Bookends

I am having so much fun increasing my knowledge and skill level when it comes to working with wood.  I have always had an interest in creating things with wood but never had the time to put that interest into action.  Since the success I had with building an IPad holder for my husband’s cooking classes, I have been rolling ideas through my mind on things that I can now create using wood.

You can click on the video to see how to make these whimsical bookends.  Please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP & SHARE!

Whimsical Bookends

bookend full view

The design of the bookends was taken from the design of the IPad holder.  It is easy to create both items, the only thing that differs in the materials needed is the addition of the animal statutes.

bookends materials

 1. (2) plastic toy animals of your choice.  I purchased these from Walmart and they were $1.00 each.

2.  (4) L-brackets sized 1 1/2 inch

3.  E-6000 glue

4.  You can either spray paint or stain your bookends.

5.  (4) 7 inch plinth casing.  I purchased from Home Depot

6.  (16) screws

7.  Drill


Step One:

bookends step one

Spray paint the animals, and the L-brackets.  You can also spray or stain the wood. If you are staining the wood, make sure that the L-brackets are spray painted in a color that will blend in with the color of the wood

Step Two:

bookends assembly

After you have stained or spray painted the wood casing, then you want to make sure that the grooves of the casing are on the opposite ends of each other before assembling.

bookends unstained assembled

bookends stained

This is what it should look like once it has been stained or spray painted and assembled…

bookends with L brackets

This is what it looks like with the addition of the L-brackets.  If you noticed, I spray painted the screws and the L-brackets black so that it will blend in with the color of the stain on the wood.


Step Three:

bookends step 3

Next you want to take your spray painted toy animal and your E-6000 glue…

bookends add the glue

then apply glue to the feet of the toy animal, then place it into position ontop of the bottom wood casing.

Here is the finished product!

bookends final product

I absolutely love my new bookends and they look fabulous in my bookcase!  They will also make great Christmas gifts too!




TJ Maxx/HomeGoods: Holiday Tablescape

Once again, I am participating in another YouTube collaboration…yeah me!  I was invited along with eleven other fabulous YouTube channels to create a holiday tablescape with an item purchased from the clearance isle from these following stores….TJ Maxx, HomeGoods or Marshall’s.

Now anyone who knows me, is well aware that I can shop very well in the clearance section and create fabulousity on a budget…LOL!   So with that being said, I ended up finding two clearance items at HomeGoods to create my holiday tablescape.  Now, I am not going to tell you what I found and how I used them, you will have to watch my Haute On Design video episode to see my creation.  And please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP and SHARE this video!


When it comes to decorating a tablescape, your set-up is a very important step in creating a functional and beautiful tablescape.  Whenever I am creating a tablescape for any event, there are specific steps that I take to ensure a perfect tablescape.

You first want to set-up your work-horse items in an arrangement that is user friendly and easy to navigate.  I normally place the larger items in the back and do a gradient downsize towards the front.


tj front view 12

Your next step would be to add in your decorative accessories.  I would suggest keeping your decorative accessories to a minimal on the table because you want to highlight the items in the tablescape and not the decorative accessories.

tj step two

If you notice, I only added in a few gold ball ornaments and placed three Christmas word plaques on the table.


In the next step which I call the “fill-in process” is where you would fill in the items or jars that are not going to hold any food items.  If you noticed, I have added in the white florals, and ball ornaments in the large jars.  In addition, this step is where you would also add your labels, your signage and the serving utensils.  I would say that this is the most important step in the process.

tj step 3

And now for the REVEAL!

tj full view

All the sweets are in their respective jars ready to be taken home by my friends and family.  And this is special message in the picture frame from me to my guests.

Thanks for coming

Your presence was sweet

So please grab a box

and take home some sweets. 


I found this quote on Pinterest and it really fits the tablescape.  Please comment below if this has inspired you to create a holiday tablescape or a Christmas Candy Buffet!   Thanks for stopping by!



The Gold Office

Gold office supplies are all the rage in the design industry.  Almost every picture of a home office on Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram has at least one or two pieces of office supplies that are gold in color. To my amazement, I have seen oversized gold paper clips, gold scissors and even a gold tape dispenser.  I normally try to stay the curve when it comes to decorating on a trend, but I have been hit by the gold fever, in so much that it motivated me to create this design board for a potential client who might want a gold office.

OB-Golden Work Space

When I discovered the 3-piece black and gold desk set by El Casco on One King’s Lane, I decided to add the black office chair to help ground the desk.  The black and gold tray helps to continue with the black and gold theme and the lamp and the star burst mirror adds a shiny gold finish to the office space.

For the spring and summer months, the black office chair can be replaced with a white office chair along with adding in white accessories.  You can not go wrong either way when decorating with gold accessories.



Main Street Mercantile…..Best Kept Secret in Lewisville, Texas

Shh!…I have a little secret!  I have found the “best kept secret” in Lewisville, Texas.  Of course, I am going to spill the beans because anyone who knows me knows that I can not keep a secret….LOL!

Lewisville, Texas is a suburb located about 25 miles north of Dallas, Texas.  We are proud to boast about maintaining a small town feel even with a population of 100,000 plus residents and growing.  One of our greatest assets is our “Old Town Lewisville”.   This area is comprised of several small businesses located inside of original brick buildings from over 100 years old along with historical homes and monuments.

And it is where I discovered….”Main Street Mercantile”

main street mercantile front picture

Today was my first time visiting Main Street Mercantile and let me tell you, I instantly fell in love with the store.  They have everything that a person could every want or need all under one roof…from antiques, collectibles, gifts, handmade items, primitives,  Art and much more.

main street mercantile shabby chich

In addition, they have chalk paint supplies not to mention they even offer chalk paint classes once a month (please contact store for dates and times of classes.)

mercantile chalk board paint


mercantile chalk board paint 1

And I was lucky enough to meet the owner of Main Street Mercantile, Ronda Owens.  She was very delightful to talk with, eager to answer any questions and very personable and professional…and the staff is awesome too!.

mercantile 3

So with over 30 unique vendors, gorgeous decorative vignettes, and great customer service, there is no reason why you should never walk out without a purchase in your hands.

mercantile picture 1

Now if you live in Lewisville or the surrounding areas, please stop by and visit Main Street Mercantile, you won’t be disappointed!

Main Street Mercantile

156 W. Main Street

Lewisville, Texas 75057

(972) 436-8418  









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