Tasty Tuesday!

Hey Y’all (in my Paula Deen’s voice)….It is “Tasty Tuesday”!  Every Tuesday, I am going to share delicious and delectable recipes that I find on Pinterest, Facebook or on the internet.  So if you are an “at home cook” or consider yourself a “cooking connoisseur”, then be sure to check out these great recipes.  Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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Industrial Chic

It is amazing how much my taste in design for my home has changed within the last 5 years.  But just when I am in the process of transforming my home from an Old World design style to more of a transitional style, I fall in love with this industrial chic look.  Well, I guess it is back to the drawing board to incorporate some of these industrial decorative accents into my home décor.  I can hear the hubby’s wallet slamming shut right about now….LOL!!!

OB-Industrial Chic





Fall Buffet Bookcase

Each year, I try to incorporate a new look in my home especially when it comes to seasonal decorating. I love decorating for the Fall because of all the new colors that come out each Fall.  This Fall I decided to forgo decorating my home with all the traditional Fall décor, i.e., pumpkins, gourds and Fall foliage and just bring in the Fall through color.  But all that quickly changed when I visited my local Pottery Barn store and found it all nicely decorated for the Fall.  I could not get home fast enough to start adding in my Fall décor, BUT, adding it only into my newly created “Buffet Space Bookcase”.  You can check out my latest video to see how it turned out!


fall bookcase 1


fall bookcase side view


fall bookcase plate


fall bookcase 2


fall bookcase 4

Comment below and let me know if you like it!




Home Depot Challenge/Collaboration

I had so much fun participating in my first YouTube collaboration, so much that I put a challenge to some of my fellow YouTubers to participate in a Home Depot Challenge.  The Home Depot Challenge/Collaboration consists of creating one design project for under $10.00 which has to be used in your home.   The project had to be from one of these departments:  garden, tile, wood/lumber, and plumbing. (Disclaimer:  This challenge was not sponsored by Home Depot)

The seven YouTube channels that participated were:

1.  Be My Guest With Denise

2.  Veri Keri

3. The Unfrumpy Mommy Life

4.  Live Love Latte

5.  Amateur Decorating Like A Pro

6.  The Frugalnista

7. Keitha M

So be sure to check-out their channels to see their Home Depot Challenge.  But in the meantime, please be sure to click on the video to see my Home Depot Challenge.  Please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP & SHARE!

Hopefully, we have challenged you to get creative in your home!




Come With Me On A Shopping Spree: Episode 3

It is that time again….another SHOPPING SPREE!  Well actually, I am taking you along as I tour a MODEL HOME.  Model homes are the best place to get the scoop on the newest design and decorating trends.  You can get the latest information about energy efficient building materials, appliances and construction….not to mention great decorating tips.  Check out the video and please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP and SHARE!

Sneak preview of the tour!


Luxury Family room

fm living room


Luxury Master bedroom

fm master bedroom


Luxury Master bathroom

fm master bathroom




2000 Subscribers GIVEAWAY!!

Yeah!  I have reached my “2000 SUBSCRIBERS” milestone on YouTube….applause!  I am doing a GIVEAWAY to show my gratitude to all my YouTube subscribers by giving away a 1-year free subscription to Traditional Home Magazine.

Traditional Home Magazine is one of my favorite magazines to get tips on design and decorating.  They have great articles and beautiful pictures of spaces for inspiration.  I have been a long-time subscriber and want to share my love of reading Traditional Home magazine with one of my lucky YouTube subscribers.

Please click on the video to see how to enter.

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored video.


And don’t forget to “decorate your home to tell your story…It’s Haute!”





Come With Me on A Shopping Spree: Episode 2

I have started a new series on my YouTube channel called, “Come With Me on A Shopping Spree”.  In each episode, I take you along as I go on shopping sprees for design projects in my home or for a client.  You get to follow along as I peruse my favorite thrift and retail stores, visit fabric and flooring outlets and sometimes shop for samples at the Dallas World Trade Center.

In this episode 2, I am out shopping for decorative accessories for a living room/dining room redecorate project as well as shopping for new lamps for my husband’s home office.  Well, I don’t want to tell you everything….you just have to watch the video.  Now don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP and SHARE!  Enjoy!





Repurposeful Decorating

“Repurposeful Decorating” is a term that I use to mask the fact I am a hoarder!…LOL!  I loosely use the term “hoarder” because I have no problem at any time of letting go of all my decorative accessories.  It’s only because I have a different means by which of disposal.  Instead of discarding items, I just simply repurpose them into something new to use in my home!  My husband tells me that sometimes my creativity gets in the way of sensibility, but at the end of the day, why throw away trash just to become someone else’s treasure!  So with that being said, take a look at three items in my home that I repurposed into new items to use in my home.  Now don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP and SHARE the video!


“Decorate your home to tell your story….It’s Haute!




Girls Day Out: Antiquing In Dallas

Today was a wonderful day in Dallas for antiquing.  The sky was beautifully blue with picture perfect weather and my vehicle with a full tank of gas!….LOL!  So, I could not pass up the opportunity to head into Dallas to do a little antique shopping.  So with my assistant, my mother, my sister and my nephew’s girlfriend all loaded up in my vehicle, we were on our way to having a “girls day out” event…. complete with food, friendship and most importantly…SHOPPING!

This antique mall is located on Inwood Road in Dallas, Texas, hence their name “Inwood Antique Mall”.  It is small compared to some of the other antique malls in Dallas, but their showrooms have some spectacular antiques, decorative accessories and furniture.  Take a look for yourself!


This wall had a huge collection of taxidermy heads.

antique taxidermy head


These chairs are actually very comfortable, believe it or not.

antique steel chairs


When I saw this “old school” record player, it immediately brought back memories of playing my favorite Natalie Cole and Michael Jackson records.

antique radio


I instantly fell in love with this Midcentury standing lamp.

antique midcentury lamp


Everything in this showroom screams “midcentury man-cave”.  Check out those speakers and that oversized taxidermy head.

antique taxidermy room


Needless to say, I was good today and did not make any pricey purchases….the hubby was glad.  However, I may make a trip back next Friday to purchase that record player…don’t want to mess up the perfect shopping record with the hubby…LOL!

So, what do you do on Fridays?








Fabulous Thanksgiving Dishware

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays for two reasons:  1.  I have a legitimate excuse for excessive overeating…LOL  and  2.  I  have the opportunity to pull out the fancy dishware.

Since I made the decision to decorate this Fall season with color instead of the traditional Fall décor, I instantly fell in love with this dishware set because of its lack of a Fall pattern but instead has incorporated the Fall verbiage.  The simplicity of this dishware is going to look great on my Thanksgiving table and serve as a reminder for me and my guests to always be “thankful” as we should always be year-round.  I found this dishware set at one of my favorite stores, HomeGoods, and they are priced just right!  Can’t wait to share my Thanksgiving table with you using my new Fall dishware!


thanksgiving plate 1


thanksgiving candle


thanksgiving plate 2


thanksgiving plate full stack


What are you thankful for?  Please comment below.





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