Tuesday’s Trend Alert: Black Stainless Steel Appliances

black stainless steel appliances

We all know that trends are cyclical.  If you just wait a couple of seasons, your favorite home decorative item or that favorite shirt will eventually come back into style.   I am not implying that stainless steel appliances went out of style and now are making a comeback…they are still a widely popular choice for appliances.  However, what I am now saying is that the color “black”  has made its way back into style for kitchen appliances…yeah!

I was never a true fan of the look of stainless steel appliances because they just make a kitchen feel so commercial and cold…just my opinion.  When I did a “soft” redecorating of my kitchen, I decided to forego the industry’s standard of installing stainless steel appliances and just purchased black appliances…<YIKES> I know, a designer not following a trend…LOL!

However, I am glad that I decided to follow my own trend and stick with my decision of purchasing black appliances.  Although my kitchen appliances are not stainless steel, my kitchen appliances are still in style because they are black…LOL!

Now, what I might do to update my appliances since they are fairly new would be to add stainless steel handles and knobs…who knew…LOL!



Dallas Market 2016!

world trade center large picture


world trade center entrance

It is that time of the year again….The January Dallas Market 2016!

This year was an amazing market full of color, bling and always full of fabulous home décor, furniture, furnishings and fashion!  Here are some pictures of my time spent at the Dallas Market.

world trade center twos company

Stopped by one of my favorite showrooms…Two’s Company.  I love all the blue, white and gold accents.  Metallics are still in trend in 2016.  You can actually see me standing there taking the photograph…LOL!

world trade center trefoil patterned wall

I love this trefoil wallpaper on this wall and furniture piece in another one of my favorite showroom…Global Views.

world trade center bourn seating

One day, I am going to have a Bourne settee in my master bathroom…or master closet.

world trade center dining room

Since I am in the process of redecorating my formal dining, I fell in love with the dining room vignette in the Global Views showroom.  Grey is still in-trend as a neutral in 2016.

In addition, if you would like to see more of my adventure at the Dallas Market, please click on the video and enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by and I hoped you enjoyed yourself!


Organization Project for 2016: Hallway Closet Transformation


I am very excited that you chose to stop by and visit my website/blog in 2016.  I really appreciated your support in 2015, but it means the world that you decided to continue to support my website/blog in 2016…THANKYOU!

Now, what better way to kick off the beginning of a new year than with a “Organizational Project”.  Yes, an organizational project!  We all make new year’s resolutions at the beginning of each year, so one of my many resolutions for 2016 was to get my home completed organized…well at least attempt to…LOL!

  Tori of Homestaging by Tori Toth made this new year’s resolution challenge of mine come to a quick fruition by inviting me to participate in an organizational collaboration on YouTube…this was exactly the motivation that I needed!

My hall closet was the first organizational project I wanted to tackle in my home…take a look at it for yourself.

hall closet before

During the holidays, I hosted several parties at my home and had to squeeze my guests belongings into this unorganized and cluttered hall closet…how embarrassing!

After hosting my last party of the year, I made the not-so- hard decision to transform that hall closet into a well organized and clutter-free coat closet.

hall tamela fnished

 But the transformation did not stop there.  I wanted to make sure that my guests had a fancy space to store their belongings during my parties, so I enlisted the help of a design colleague of mine, Charmaine Wynter of Wynter Interiors, to offer some ideas on how to take my everyday coat closet and transform it into a “fancy cloak closet” when entertaining guests in my home.

hall charmaine finished

Charmaine did a fantastic job at upgrading my everyday coat closet into something I would be proud to hang my guest’s belongings.  She thought of everything that a guest would need for perfect storage while at my home…thank you Charmaine!

In addition, click here if you would like to see video on the transformation…enjoy!

Hopefully, you were able to get some great design and organizational tips on how to declutter, donate and transform a space in your home for the new year!  Thanks for stopping by!


Christmas Design Series: Episode 5 “Home Tour”

This is the last episode of my Christmas Design Series…a tour of my home decorated for the holiday season.  Please grab your warm cider, your favorite blanket, put your feet up and enjoy this tour.  Take care, God bless and have a Merry Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the tour!



Christmas Design Series: Episode 3 ” Luxurious Drinkware Station

shelf fullview

Are you hosting any parties at your home this holiday season and suddenly realized that you are short on servicing space for your guests?  In episode 3 of my Christmas Design Series, I show you how to create more service space by taking a simple shelving unit and turning it into a luxurious drinkware service station.

In addition, I show a different way to repurpose this wine bottle holder…

christmas wine bottle holder

but you have to click on the video to see…you will not be disappointed!



In addition, here is the recipe and directions to creating my favorite “Holiday Punch”.

Christmas punch


1 canister of Lipton Iced Tea in the Lemon flavor

1 liter bottle of Ginger Ale in the Cranberry Flavor…*regular Ginger Ale will work if not available

1 medium size lemon

1 bag of fresh cranberries


In a glass pitcher or large container combine the following ingredients:

In one gallon of cold water, add 1-1/3 cups of the Lipton Lemon Ice Tea, then add the entire liter of Ginger Ale, next slice the lemon, add the lemon slices, then add a cupful of the cranberries.  Stir the mixture…then serve chilled and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by and please be sure to check back often so that you will not miss out on the Christmas tour of my home!



Christmas Design Series: Episode 2 “Designer Style Mantel”

Christmas design series fireplace

In my second episode of my Christmas Design Series, I share with you the designer “tricks of the trade” on how to create a holiday mantel…designer style!

Each holiday season, I change the theme of my fireplace mantel in my home.  My family and friends love to see what great mantel theme I come up with each year.  They honestly believe that I spend 11 months out of the year coming up with a theme when in actuality, I normally come up with the theme as I am putting out my holiday décor…seriously.

This year’s theme is tied around my love for the faux deer heads.  I have found myself drawn to these heads so much that you can not visit any room in my home and not see some version of a deerhead…lol!

Well enough of my gibberish, please take a sneak peak of the some of the decorative items I used on my mantel…

christmas santa sign

Christmas noel sign

But in order to get those designer “tricks of the trade” on how to decorate a mantel…designer style, you will have to click on the video below…ENJOY!


Thanks for stopping by!  Please be sure to check back to see the continuation of my Christmas Design Series…AND check out my YouTube Channel…HauteonDesign!


Christmas Design Series…KICK-OFF!

Christmas Design Series 1

It is that time of the season again…Christmas Holiday Decorating!  I know this year just flew by like all the other times, but this Christmas season just seems to have arrived just a tad bit too early…especially to a person who does seasonal decorating that starts early in September and finishes up on Christmas Eve.

I am kicking off my Christmas Design Series with two great Christmas gift ideas for the men.  Yes, you read it right…for the men.  Men just seem to always get those last minute gift ideas and that rarely seem to generate excitement during the gift opening celebration on Christmas day…LOL!

My first gift idea is a Christmas DIY that is easy to make especially if you can find one already pre-made.  The man in your life will absolutely squeal with delight as he opens this gift on Christmas Day.

6 pack drink caddy christmas

Rowling Leather Products reached out to me again this season and asked for me to do a review of their Men’s Leather Storage Collection.  This collection is absolutely amazing and receives “two thumbs up”.   This amazing collection comes in two colors, black and brown and is made of top materials and fabrics.  They offer ample storage and compartments for holding everything from keys to cellphones, eyeglasses, pens, notepads, coins, money, and special jewelry.  These make the perfect gifts for the man who has everything and loves storage organization.  In addition, Rowlings is offering a “Black Friday” Coupon just for you. *Coupons are in my description box of my YouTube Channel listed below*

mens valet for christmas

Please click on the video to take advantage of the “Black Friday” coupons.


Now with these two great Christmas gift ideas that you can do for the man in your life, there is no reason why you should be wrapping up ties and socks as presents this year…LOL!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great start to your Christmas Holiday Season!



New Design Client…Timeless Elegance with Contemporary Edge

OB-JHannah's Formal Dining

I always see a new design client as an opportunity to make someone’s dream home turn into a reality.  It is an adventure that as a designer I am afforded the opportunity to live vicariously through their dreams while bringing them to fruition.

This client has just moved into her dream home and she wanted it to be a reflection of timeless elegance with just a little contemporary edge.  She had never worked with an interior designer before, so this was an opportunity for me to educate her on the process while making it fun and exciting.

The dining room space is the first area in the home that we are tackling, so this is the design board for the space.  Everything has been placed into the space except the custom window treatments and the console table…which are soon to be added.

I can not wait to share the reveal of this space, so please stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!




Interior Design Office “On-The-Go”

rowlings complete set

Rowling Leather Products has reached out to me to review their home office storage boxes. This review and comments are 100% my opinion. 


As an interior designer, I found myself working more out of my car traveling between my many design projects than out of my home office.  I came to the conclusion that I needed to create an on-the-go office system to use in my car.  I knew that I wanted an office system that was functional as well as beautiful.  So when I was contacted by Rowling Leather Products to review a line of their home organization items, this was the answer to my dilemma.

Although this particular line can be used in various ways, I decided to use it as storage for my office products to use while on the go.  What I love the most about Rowling Leather Products is their attention to detail, quality and the excellent craftsmanship that put into each of their items.  The light woven material mixed with the chocolate brown leather-like material makes for a chic and professional look.

rowlings open boxes

The storage boxes are generous in space and are collapsible which makes for easy storage when not is use.   The large carrying case can double as a file holder as well as a magazine holder.

rowlings small set

The collapsible trays are perfect for holding pens, pencils, paper clips, and other small office necessities.  The small boxes are perfect to hold scissors, a stapler, sticky notes as well as large office utensils.  In addition, these storage boxes can double as a remote control holder or a holder for your favorite eyeglasses.

If you are a busy mom, a working mom or an entrepreneur who works more out of your car than you do your home office, then this office on-the-go will work perfectly for you as well.

Thanks for stopping by!



Pottery Barn Inspired…”Abbott Island & Hutch Set”

I always love a great challenge…so when I stumbled across this free pallet sitting outside of my local FedEx store,

pottery barn pallette

I was inspired to re-create Pottery Barn’s Abbott Island and Hutch Set that retails for around $2248.00.

pottery barn abbott

Pottery Barn Abbott Island and Hutch Set…www.potterybarn.com

With the pallet in-tow in the back of my truck, I headed home to begin creating my version of the set.

I began my creation by repurposing my gift wrapping station table to mimic the island base.  You can use any table of your choice according to your height specifications.  My table base dimensions were:

height…34 inches

depth…24 inches

width…36 inches

image of island table

My old gift wrapping table base was perfect because it already had several of the same features as the Pottery Barn’s version.

I had to make just one cosmetic change to the table by simply enlarging the existing table top with a piece of plywood.  The plywood dimensions were 42 inches width x 26 inches depth.

image of island table with plywood

 *Please be sure to screw down the plywood onto the table base.  I just screwed 4 wood screws into each corner. 

Next, I cut the pallet in half in order for it to fit on top of the table base. I secured the pallet to the table base with “L brackets in the back and on the sides.  *This is a MUST to prevent the pallet from falling forward.  

image of island table with pallet


I then added a shelf on top and a small shelf inside using left-over wood, stained, and decorated it and now here is my version of the Pottery Barn Abbott Island and Hutch Set.

pottery barn full view Ooops, I was so excited with the final outcome, that I forget to turn one of the flowerpots to the front…well I am human, you know…LOL!

My plans are to use the set for different purposes, but for this purpose it was being used as a drink and hors d’oeuvres station for guests.

pottery barn cheers

pottery barn main shelf


pottery barn bottle of wine view

Hopefully, I have inspired you to do a DIY pallet project…and if you do please be sure to share it by tagging me on Instagram at hauteondesigntx or on my Facebook page, Haute On Design, I would love to see what you made out of a pallet.

*Please be sure to only use pallets that have an IPCC code with a HT (which means the wood has been heat transferred treated) for safety purposes.

Thanks for stopping by!


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