Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was somewhat less hectic than my usual weekends….who I am kidding!…LOL!  I spent my entire Friday working on two organizational projects in my home which has spilled over into this coming week.  On Saturday, we drove across town to bless a young family with a new puppy. Did a couple of hours school shopping for my soon to be freshman in high school.   And on Sunday, spent the entire day shooting and editing my “July Favorites” video.   So without further adieu, please take the time to enjoy my new video….and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP and SHARE!!!


Weekend Wrap-Up!

I do so much over the weekends…some productive activity….some not…LOL!  However, the majority of my weekends are spent pouring over design boards, looking at fabric and accessories, shopping for clients, all while attempting to complete design projects in my home.  Well this weekend was a little different in that I performed all those great design feats while away in another state watching my daughter’s basketball team compete in a major tournament….multi-tasking is not designed for the weak…LOL!  With victory in hand in both areas; my daughter’s team made it to the “Sweet Sixteen” and I was able to find some “sweet decorative accessories”, I felt the need to share my success with you…..So enjoy!

Whenever I am in another state, I always try to visit some of my favorite retail stores.  I have found that each store selection varies from state to state.  This is great for me as a designer because I am able to entice my clients with something different for their home that can not be found in their home state.  I ran across these acrylic chairs (some may call them “ghost chairs”) in HomeGoods.   These chairs are going to be used in the dining space of one of my client’s home.  When I forwarded the picture of the chairs to my client, she squealed with delight which means that she absolutely loved them…me too!

weekend acrylic chairs

And in keeping true to design trend, this bench with it’s furry seat and acrylic legs stole my heart and my wallet!  I found this gem at one of my favorite fabric stores.  This is a “Monday Must Have” for my home.  This bench would look great in my foyer or at the foot of my bed.  No matter where I decide to place this bench, it is going to be a show stopper for sure!

weekend acrylic bench

Right about now, I am in love with anything gold….gold mirrors, gold decorative accessories, gold fabric, streets of gold…oops, got off track there for a moment…LOL!  Once again,  while in HomeGoods, I fell in love with all the gold accessories.  Decorating with gold this season is “haute”, so of course I had to pick up a few pieces for my home.

Gold Mirrors

weekend gold mirrors

Gold Accessories

weekend gold accessories

Well it’s Monday…which means back to the old drawing board….design, decorate and videotape!….oh the life I have…..It’s Haute!



My Summer Deck for Entertaining

Yeah!!!  And the “yeah” is for the fact that my deck redecorating is finally completed!  We were in the process of doing some deck repairs that were long overdue.  So of course, with deck repairs comes re-decorating…at least in my eyes…the hubby may feel somewhat different…LOL!  Well without further adieu, here is the tour of my finished deck redecorate…Please enjoy and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP and SHARE!


This is the view of my deck from the patio door.  My deck is located right off my kitchen so it makes it much easier to entertain and serve food.

deck door view


This is the close-up of my dishware.  I was excited when I found this dishware and matching platter at Ross for a reasonable price.   The white apothecary jars serve as a candy dish perfect for popping a mint after eating.  Texas is no stranger to mosquitoes, so the starfish citronella candles that I purchased at TJMaxx serves its purpose while still looking cute on my table.

deck table side view right


I knew exactly what I wanted to place in this space.  I wanted a piece of furniture to serve a dual purpose.  So after not finding exactly what I wanted that would stand up to the outdoor climate, I just decided to make my own creation.  I purchased two tall white pillars from Hobby Lobby and placed a custom made glass to fit perfectly over the top….Voila!  Now it can serve as a small buffet table and when not in use as a buffet table, then a perfect console table to hold my decorative outdoor accents!

deck sofa table


Here is a full view of the console/buffet table space.  Notice my little man statue secretly hiding underneath….LOL!

deck console view


A deck can never have enough seating space, so I carved out a little niche in the corner of the deck.  This area is perfect for those who enjoy sunbathing or just taking in some sun rays.

deck chairs


Decorating with mirrors is not only for interior spaces but exterior spaces as well.  Here I incorporated a starburst mirror over my outdoor bar area.  When decorating with mirrors, be sure that your mirror is reflecting something of visual interest.  In this case, it is reflecting the console area of the deck.

deck star burst mirror


Here is the full view of my outdoor bar area.

deck bar


Hopefully you enjoyed this tour of my summer deck for entertaining.  I am hoping to get full usage of this deck for the remainder of the summer.  Comment below on what is your favorite part of my deck.  I would love to hear from you!




Four Ways to Use a Decorative Tray Display

Trays are one of the most versatile decorative accessories in your home.  Not only are they beautiful to look at but they can be functional as well.  I love creating different looks using trays in my home décor.  I use decorative trays in almost every space in my home.  They are great for creating decorative vignettes or using them as functional décor in your home.

I decided to challenge myself….as if I needed another decorating challenge…LOL…but I wanted to see how many different looks I could create with using one tray.  To my surprise, I was able to create four different looks with using only one tray.  Please click on the video to see how to use one tray to create four different looks!…and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP and SHARE!


Nightstand Tray

tray nightstand


Bar Hosting Tray

tray bar


Home Office Tray

tray office 3



Dressing Table Tray

tray dressing table


Hopefully, these four tray displays have inspired you to create an unique tray display in your home.  Please be sure to comment which one is your favorite!



Zero Dollar Decorating Challenge

Is there a space in your home that you would like to update or redecorate but you are limited on funds to purchase new decorative accessories or furniture?  In the design industry the term, “shop your home” is what we refer to as a way of redecorating a space to get a new look in your home by using furniture and decorative accessories from other spaces in your home.

There is currently a home décor challenge on YouTube called, ” Zero Dollar Decorating” in which you are challenged to create a new look by using existing furniture and accessories from other spaces in your home.  I am always open to a challenge,  so I decided to take on this challenge by creating a new look at the foot of my bed.  Click on the link to see the video…and please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP and share!


This is currently how the space at the foot of my bed was decorated.  I prefer simplicity when it comes to decorating in my master bedroom, so the less furniture the better.  The ottoman was serving its purpose….i.e. a place to sit and put on my shoes, or if need be, a place to toss extra clothes at the end of the day…LOL!

zero dollar decorating 3

But the designer in me just could not leave well enough alone….LOL!  I had to take on my advice that I always give to my clients….”shop your home” to create a new look and it worked!


This is the new look that I recreated at the foot of my bed by simply shopping my home….no additional money spent at all.  The chairs were once in my gameroom but now they have found a new home at the foot of my bed.  The accent table was pulled from my family room space and it fits perfectly nestled in between those two chairs.  I added one of my favorite book by Nate Berkus along with a looking glass and a potted orchid plant.

zero dollar decorating picture

And when the ottoman is not being used as a footrest,  I placed a decorative blue tray that I pulled from my formal living space and placed it on-top so that we can have a spot to place our coffee and/or tea while watching television.

I absolutely love the space at the foot of my bed and the hubby does too!….and best of all…no additional money was spent!  Yeah me!

So now, I challenge YOU to a “Zero Dollar Decorating Challenge!  Please be sure to link back to my blog so that I can see your new creation!






Decorating with The Color Blue

The color blue is no longer reserved just for cottages, beach houses or little boy’s room.  Incorporating the color blue into your décor can make a space feel stately, strong and understated elegant.

I am in the process of redecorating my entire home with various shades of blue in each room.  Not for the above reasons only, but also because I love how the blue makes my home feel….more open, light and airy.   Since blue is my favorite color…for now…LOL, I wanted to share a few of my design inspirations where I incorporated the color blue.

Please click on the video…..and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP and share!






4th of July Decorating & Tabletop Display


Are you getting ready to celebrate for the  4th of July?  Are you needing decorating ideas on how to decorate your table?  I figured you did, so here are some quick and simple ways to decorate your table for the 4th of July….with a little bit of lake theme décor thrown into the mix…LOL!    Oh and don’t forget to click on the video for step-by-step information.


Decorating for the 4th of July can be fun and exciting because it is very easy to decorate with three primary colors….red, white and blue!  Now, I did not want to go overboard with the patriotic theme, so I decided to mix in a little lakeside theme décor….and also because that is where my family and I will be celebrating the 4th of July at our lakehouse.

life is best at the lake



Putting together a 4th of July tablescape is easy to do if you have the basic decorating products….something that has stars and stripes, and is red, white and blue.  The majority of my decorative accents, I picked up at the Dollar Tree, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Walmart and Marshall’s.


In this picture, the 3-tier glass stand I actually made…you can watch the making of this on my YouTube channel, HauteonDesign.  This stand is where I placed the cookies and the cupcakes.

july centerpiece


This is just a close-up of the tray that has the lakeside theme wording.

july cupcake centerpiece


You can never go wrong decorating with jars…blue mason jars…great for serving drinks or clear apothecary jars….great for candy storage. I added the red, white and blue color theme with the straws and candy.


JUly side view


Now, you can’t celebrate the 4th of July without eating something in the shape of a “star”.  These star-shaped cookies not only are they delicious but look great ontop of these two plates.  One plate is of the American flag and the other plate is of the Texas flag. * Did you know that Texas is the only state that is allowed to fly its flag alongside with the American flag….Go Texas!

july star cookies


I always like to personalize any tablescape that I am decorating…and my 4th of July tablescape is no different.  I picked up this red letter “B” from Michaels.  It represents my last name and adds that touch of whimsical personalization to the setting.  The stars and stripes baskest are perfect for holding popcorn, chips or hot dogs and they fit perfectly into the décor.

july red letter b


And now for the finished product….oh wait, I failed to mention the blue fish netting, the “I Love The Lake” picture and the red star lanterns…..LOL!!!    The red star lanterns I picked up from Ikea on clearance for only $2.98 each.  They stand about 4 feet tall and they actually light up using a low wattage bulb.  These are going to look great lit up on the 4th of July.  And the fish netting I picked up from an outlet store and the picture from Michaels.   Okay, now for the finished product…..


july full view


Hopefully, you would have had the chance to read this blog before the 4th of July so that you can incorporate some of these ideas into your tablescape.  Have a fun and safe 4th of July…please do not drink nor drive and……. please do not drink, drive or text!!!!







Decorating at The Foot of Your Bed

The space at the foot of your bed is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to decorating Win the bedroom.  This area can be pretty and functional at the same time.  In all of my bedroom designs, I try to decorate this space according to the needs of each client.   In the following design boards I created for a few of my clients, I show different ways to decorate at the foot of a bed.  Hopefully, this will give design inspiration for your space.


I designed this space for a young couple enjoying their first years of marriage.  Their bedroom space is not on the large size, so space was at minimal.  I did not want to have all the furniture placed along the wall space, so I opted to place their dresser at the foot of their bed.  This was do-able because of the platform style of the bed.  Now the dresser acts as the footboard for the bed and still serves as  functional storage.


OB-bed with a dresser



This next space was designed for a young bachelor, who happens to be a huge Jimi Hendrix fan…hence the large picture above his bed.  I designed this space using dark furniture with dark colors to create a masculine feeling.  In keeping in line with the masculine feel of this space, I opted for a heavy trunk at the foot of the bed.  This trunk flows perfectly with the design and it serves as storage for extra pillows and blankets.


OB-trunk in front of bed


I had the most fun designing this space for a young fashionable woman who is a first time apartment dweller.  She wanted her bedroom to reflect her love for fashion and fun.  Her favorite color is yellow, so it was easy to continue with designing the space with more pops of vivid color.  The hot pink ottomans were the perfect fit for at the foot of her bed.  Extra storage was not a concern nor need in her bedroom space, so these ottomans were added for a pop of contrasting color and additional seating…..actually her cat uses them more than she does….LOL!


OB-pink ottomans in front of bed


This next design was for an older couple.  I designed this space for their need of being able to have fun and spend time with their visiting grandchildren….all seven of them….LOL!    Their bedroom space was fairly large so I incorporated this leather settee at the foot of their bed.  It is a perfect space for the grandchildren to sit and watch television with their grandparents as well as listen to the many family stories told by their grandfather.


OB-Comfort Zone


And this last space I designed for a couple who are enjoying the “empty-nester” years of their lives.  They both travel extensively for their careers and wanted to come home to a sophisticated yet restful bedroom.   I designed the foot of their bed with two oversized modern chairs with a small accent table in the middle.  They are able to sit comfortably together and enjoy a cup of coffee or enjoy their favorite glass of wine after a long trip on the road.

OB-Fancy Bedroom (LE)




Now hopefully,  these design boards have inspired you to decorate at the foot of your bed.  Please comment below which one is your favorite or share how you have decorated at the foot of your bed.
















Summer Decorating with White Decorative Accessories

Summer is fast approaching and if you are anything like me, you are excited about warm weather, tropical vacations, cool sands and beach front accommodations.  For me, the summer season is time well-spent vacationing away from my home, but it is also the season that I love to incorporate through out my home decor as well.  Decorating for each season is something that I find myself doing every season, but it is easier to do in the summer season because I just simply decorate using everything white….how easy can that be….LOL!  In these photos as well as in my new Haute On Design webepisode, I share decorating and design tips on how to decorate for the summer using white decorative accessories.


The first thing that I decorate for the summer season is my formal dining table by turning it into a summer library table.  I love to read especially during the summer season and by placing all my favorite books and magazines ontop of my dining table makes it a perfect get-away spot to enjoy my favorite reads.  I incorporate some of my favorite decorative accents to add visual appeal to the table.  Whenever I purchase a new book, I showcase the book by placing it on a stand until I discover my next new read.

summer decorating library table


Some people feel that a white sofa in a family room space is asking for big trouble…but not when the fabric is microfiber which is exactly what the fabric is on this sofa.  Since I am 3 years away from being an empty-nester, I figured it was okay to take the plunge and splurge on a light colored sofa which had been only a dream of mine up until now….LOL!    I added white and gray pillows to the sofa and using the Five Design Components for Decorating a Coffee Table,  I added decorative white accents on the coffee table.

summer decorating white family room


China cabinets, hutches, bookcases and armoires are the perfect pieces of furniture to use when it comes to decorating with decorative accents.  During the summer season. I decorate my hutch in my formal dining space with a collection of white decorative accessories.  Not every piece in this hutch started its life as a white accent piece, some of pieces were spray-painted white…..yes, spray-painted white…..(you have to watch the video to see which pieces were spray-painted).  Designer secret…..instead of purchasing white decorative accents, just simply give a new look to an old accent piece with a can of spray paint.

summer decorating white hutch


Decorating a bedroom for the summer season is easy to do by just adding a few pieces.  A white duvet cover or comforter along with a couple of pillows in soft hues can add a clean, crisp feeling to the space.  You don’t have to go overboard with your accents pieces, just add a few onto the nightstands and change out the lampshades to a cool, crisp white shade.     The addition of the star-burst mirror above the bed completed the look and created a “5-Star Hotel” look….all under $300.00!

summer decorating white bedroom


If you want to get more information on how I decorated these spaces in my home for the summer using white accents, then be sure to click on the video.  Please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP and SHARE!











My Favorite Spring Decorative Accessories Haul

Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year because it is the season of awakening, renewal and rejuvenation.  With the spring season now in full bloom, I would like to share some of my “favorite things for Spring” décor haul.

spring picture introduction


Wicker baskets although they can be used year round are my favorite go-to-pieces for the spring.  The come in all shapes, sizes and textures and they can be multi-functional serving as storage containers as well as decorative accent pieces in any décor.

spring wicker baskets


Adding the color white to any space can create a sense of freshness and clean.  That is why I love incorporating white decorative accessories into my décor for the spring season.  White accessories especially in a collection can brighten up a bookcase,  a coffee table and a china cabinet.

spring white accessories


Another quick way to add a spring update into your space is by tossing decorative pillows in the new spring colors and patterns onto your bed or sofa.

spring pillows


And lastly, who can pass up all the blooming flowers of the spring.  Just grab one of your favorite spring vases with some of your favorite blooms and you can experience a spring feeling on your dining room table, your coffee table and even on your bedside table.

spring foliate


Comment below what are some of your favorite decorative accessories for the spring.