Spring Bedroom Inspirations


zgallerie aquabedroom

Photo Courtesy of Z Gallerie at www.zgallerie.com

If you are looking for design inspirations for your bedroom for the spring, then ZGallerie is the place to look.  They have some of the most gorgeous bedroom vignettes that are sure to please any palette for the spring.  Don’t believe me, then take a look at some of their newest bedroom styles for the spring.

Don’t forget that you can always visit a local store in your area or shop on-line at www.zgallerie.com 

Zgallerie brightbeginnings

Photo Courtesy of Z Gallerie at www.zgallerie.com


Photo Courtesy of Z Gallerie at www.zgallerie.com

zgallerie ainsleybedroom_hero

Photo Courtesy of ZGallerie at www.zgallerie.com

zgallerie modernandcrisp

Photo Courtesy of ZGallerie at www.zgallerie.com


Thanks once again for stopping by!  Hopefully you will get inspired to redecorate your bedroom for the spring.




Three Ways to Styling A Coffee Table



tamela understated elegance 2

When it comes to decorating a coffee table, most people are stumped on how to create that designer look on their coffee table.  We either place too many things or not enough things to create that designer look.  There is a design science that only designers and decorators know about when it comes to decorating a coffee table…just kidding.

tamela minimalistic lookIn this picture, this is a discontinued cabinet door that I purchased from IKEA.

Actually the secret to successfully styling a coffee table is all about content, scale and proportion.

tamela nautical look

As with this nautical theme, I styled it using a descending or ascending order according to the height of the decorative accents (depending on which way you look at the coffee table…from right to left or left to right).  Styling a coffee table this way, in my opinion, is the easiest way to style a coffee table with confidence.


Thanks for stopping by!  And if you have any tricks or secrets on how to style a coffee table, please comment or share your picture on my Facebook page…Haute On Design.  I would love to read or see it!  Take care my friends!


Mondays Must Have #1


Mondays Must Have #1

Photo Courtesy of www.horchow.com

Mondays Must Haves is a new series on my blog.  Statistics show that Mondays are one of the most dreaded days of the week.  In my attempt to cherish everyday of the week as a gift from God, I wanted to make Mondays a happy day to begin my week and the week of my readers off to a great start.  Every Monday, I am going to share my favorite “must have”  things in home décor, food, fashion or a simple quote.

My Mondays Must Haves #1 is having a space in my home decorated by one of my favorite designers, Candice Olson.  I have been a fan of her design career since her show Divine Design aired on HGTV.  She is a talented designer whose design style will always be timeless and elegant.  She currently has a fabulous furniture line at Horchow, called Style Makers, which has a traditional base infused with modern design.

If you would like to share your Mondays Must Haves, please share them with me on my FaceBook Page at Haute On Design or on my Instagram at hauteondesigntx…I would love to see them.  Take care!



Dressing Table Makeover


dressing table fullview

I have watched this desk/dressing table over the years be transformed into many different styles.  The style changed as my daughter’s taste changed along with her age.  I think this maybe the last makeover that this desk/dressing table is going to receive before we retire her to the garage.  Next year, the style of her bedroom and  furniture will be modern glam…whatever that means in teenage jargon…LOL!

My daughter turned 15 this February and she wanted an area to do her hair and make-up, so once again, it was time to makeover her dressing table.  She actually helped with the makeover of her dressing table to my surprise.  However, I will be pleasantly surprised if she keeps it neat and organized.

dressing table 2


dressing table 4

Please click below for the video tour!  Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!



The Functional Beauty of Nesting Tables


nesting table otto

Eric Piasecki/OTTO… Courtesy of www.Onekingslane.com

Who doesn’t love the functional beauty of nesting tables?  I can remember seeing them in my grandmother’s home and wondering why would someone have three tables in their home that do not match in height.  Well fast forward 35 years, and as a designer, I am still in awe of them now as I was as a young child.


Peekaboo Clear Nesting Table…Courtesy of www.CB2.com

horchow nesting tables

Eglomise Nesting Side Tables…Courtesy of www.horchow.com


Anduze Nesting Tables…Courtesy of www.ballarddesigns.com

Are you currently using nesting tables in your décor.  Please comment below, I would love to hear how you are using them in your home.  Thanks for stopping by!


Brass: The Cyclical Metallic

In the world of fashion and interior design, styles and trends are so cyclical to the point that it makes a person afraid to discard anything from their closets or homes. For me personally, that is one of the main reasons I have three closet full of clothes, handbags and shoes…just waiting for them to come back into style.

Design and decorating trends are not exempt from this cyclical rebirth.  Metallics such as silver, polished nickel, and gold are all the rage now and came be seen throughout the fashion and interior design industry.

Brass is the cousin to gold and has made a huge comeback in the design industry.  I am not talking about the brass that adorned your grandmother’s home, but the high polished brass seen in bar carts, kitchen/bath fixtures and accent furniture pieces.

bar cart styled My personal brass bar cart

regulator brass

“Regulator Gooseneck single Sprout Kitchen Faucet” …Waterworks.com

ja daybed “Maxime” Daybed…jonathanadler.com 

And when it is not lacquered to a high shine finish, the rustic patina that evolves over time still makes it a timeless piece in your décor.  Comment below if you have incorporated some brass accents into your home.  And if you have, I would love to see how you used it in your décor by posting your picture to my Facebook Page, Haute On Design.  Thanks!


Haute Find for The Day: Special Edition

Every once in awhile, I come across a decorative item or a furniture piece that I like to call my “Haute Find for The Day”.  This time my Haute Find for the Day consists of more than one item, so I lovingly called this series…”Special Edition”.  Here is a sneak preview of two of my “Haute Finds for The Day”…to see more, please click on the video below the photographs.

haute deerhead


haute tin cans

Please be sure to click on the video to see more of my fabulous finds…and please don’t forget to hit that “SUBSCRIBE” button so that you can get design and decorating tips in real-time.  Enjoy!


Day at the Dallas Market


wtc ghost chair without armsI always look forward to the month of January.  Not so much because it starts the beginning of a new year, but mostly because of the arrival of the January Dallas Market.

January Dallas Market is akin to the Texas State Fair for designers, decorators, event planners and retail stores.  I like to say that it wholesale shopping on steroids.  Once you find a parking space, which normally takes about an hour…if you are lucky, then you are one step closer to design heaven.  Next, after you get checked in, then the shopping, seminars and buying begins.

There are two markets during January, the first market is the Total Home and Gift Market for home décor, accents, furniture, tableware, etc., which is then immediately followed by the Apparel and Accessories Market for clothes, shoes, jewelry and handbags. This year I was not able to attend the Total Home and Gift Market but the home decorative showrooms were still open during the Apparel and Accessories Market so I was able to see the newest trends in home décor.

Here is a brief look at some of the newest trends in home decorative accents and interior design.  If you are interested in purchasing some of the items shown, please send me an email at info@designsbytamela.com

wtc ghost chair with arms


wtc atrium 3


wtc chair with fur


wtc circle bar cart


wtc red and black gold tables

Hope you enjoyed the tour!



3 DIY’s: Luxe Looks for Less

I absolutely love creating DIY’s for my home. I find that my creativity is challenged in a way to create things that can be over-the-top or a little quirky simply because it is going to be used in my home.  I decided to challenge myself to take some everyday items and create a “luxe look for less” using those items.

The three DIY’s I decided to create were a mirrored 3-tier stand, a jewelry/ring holder, and a toilet tissue holder.  Now, I am not implying that these particular items would always be considered luxury items, but if you were to visit some of the high-end retail stores, items like these would be more on the high-end cost.

If you would like to know how to make these, please be sure to click on the video at the end of this post for instructions and materials needed.

Mirrored 3-Tier Stand

Perfect for holding perfume bottles, small jewelry items, and small bottles of creams.

luxe glass stand.

Jewelry/Ring Holder

Large enough to hold watches, necklaces, and rings in style.

luxe ring stand


Toilet Tissue Holder

Store an extra roll of tissue in class.

luxe tissue holder

Luxury does not have to cost you an arm and leg, just a little creativity.




Madison 214

Highland Park Village is one of Dallas’s most premier upscale shopping centers.  If you have a taste for the finer things in life and money is of no object, then you will feel right at home shopping at this very high-end boutique style center.  Chanel, Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Madison, and Stella McCartney are just a list of some of the high-end, upscale stores in the village.

Madison is a store that is filled with beautiful items for the home and body.  According to their website (www.madison214.com), the many findings in their store are mostly from the New York City’s renowned Madison Avenue. The different beautifully decorated vignettes throughout the store make it a pleasurable shopping adventure.

m store front

Here is just a sample of their store…

Gold and Marble Tic-Tac-Toe Board.

gold tic-tac-toe


madison blue and gold

This is a whimsical way to save your coins…gold monkey bank.

gold monkey bank

They have a huge selection of great coffee table books…

madison books

and an even larger selection of Herend luxury hand painted and gilded porcelain.

madison herend collection

The next time you are shopping in the Dallas area, please be sure to stop by and visit Madison and experience shopping New York City’s Madison Avenue without having to leave the state of Texas.

Madison 214

45A Highland Park Village

Dallas, Texas 75205









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