Bookcase Transformation: Jewelry Bookcase

How many people have a built in bookcase that serves as double duty storage for miscellaneous items like this bookcase?…raise your hand!  I can not raise my hand ONLY because I do not have a built-in bookcase in my master bedroom but if I did, it would probably look just like this one.

This built-in bookcase is located in the hallway of my client’s master bedroom suite.  Right now it is serving its purpose as a catch-all for different items but it is not truly functional for my client.


The bookcase is located in the pass thru hallway that leads to the master bathroom and one of the dressing closets.

My client originally wanted to have one of the dressing closets transformed into a storage place for her jewelry, but when I saw this bookcase being under-utilized in the space, the design decision was made to transform it into a jewelry bookcase…and my client was pleased!


The bookcase is fairly large and deep which enabled me to purchase quite a few jewelry displays, decorative boxes, jewelry racks, T-bars and decorative trays.


My client love the look of acrylic jewelry displays because they provide a neutral background so as not to compete with her jewelry pieces.  If you are interested in purchasing a few of the acrylic jewelry displays that are shown, please click on their links to order.






Here is the outcome of how the built-in bookcase was transformed into a jewelry bookcase.

If you want to see how I decorated the bookcase step-by-step, please click on the link to watch the complete video.


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