Full Service Interior Design


10 Reasons Why should you hire Tamela Bowie Interiors for your next interior design project.

At Tamela Bowie Interiors, we strive to make working with an interior designer, fun, exciting, and educational.   We understand the importance of design is creating beautiful spaces but also providing excellent customer service.  That is why we pride ourselves in our 10 Step Design Process.

  • STEP 1… Meet and Greet:  In-person meeting with all the decision makers to discuss the project


  • STEP 2…Welcome Package/Contractual Documents/Deposit:  You will receive a Welcome Package that will include the Design Proposal and Contract.  These documents will list the scope of the project, the fee structure, policies and procedures, along with the client and designer responsibilities.  Signature of all the decision makers and deposit are required at this step.


  • STEP 3…Project Scheduling:  You will be provided with a detailed design project that will list an *estimated timetable for each process, from sourcing, ordering and purchasing, trade work, design meetings, and installation.  *estimated timetable because we know in the real world, the unexpected ALWAYS happen…LOL!


  • STEP 4…Designer Meet-up One: This is the first of two Designer Meet-Up meetings.  During this meet up, you will meet our team who will be dedicated to your project and we will present the design requirements and the project schedule.


  • STEP 5…Measurements:  Trades that are involved in this process will visit the space to take their measurements.  Their measurements along with the measurements from the design consultation are what’s used to develop the space planning and floor plans for the project.


  • STEP 6…Creating the design scheme: This is where the fun begins.  Color scheme, fabric, flooring, lighting, furniture, accessories, everything needed to design the space is sourced and chosen in this step.  Constant contact is made with the client in every step to ensure acceptability before moving to the next step.


  • STEP 7…Designer Meet-up Two:  During this meet up is where we will present the design scheme in its entirety to the decision makers.  In-detail discussion of the project along with mood boards, fabric samples, drawings, and a budget proposal will be presented.  In addition,  the balance of the design service fee is due.


  • STEP 8…Purchasing/Ordering: Client approval is required BEFORE any purchases or trade work begins.  In addition, for all custom orders, half of the cost is due upon approval, remaining balance due when order is complete and installed.   For retail purchases, full payment is due upon approval.  For trade work, half of the fee is due upon approval and the remaining balance is due when trade work is two weeks from completion.


  • STEP 9…Installation Day:  This is the day when the space is going from a dream into reality.  Once the trade work is competed, our team will take over the space and add the finishing touches.  In addition, the space will be professionally photographed.


  • STEP 10…Reveal and Thank you:  Reveal your professionally designed and decorated space.  In addition, you will receive my “Thank You” package which includes a gift, and follow-up care instructions for certain fabrics and furniture.