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Bookcase Transformation: Jewelry Bookcase

How many people have a built in bookcase that serves as double duty storage for miscellaneous items like this bookcase?…raise your hand!  I can not raise my hand ONLY because I do not have a built-in bookcase in my master bedroom but if I did, it would probably look just like...

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Instagram Tips For Your Home: How To Make Your Home Instagram Worthy

  Have you ever browsed through Instagram and marveled at all the beautifully decorated homes and spaces that are being shared on Instagram?  Have you wondered how to incorporate “that Instagram worthy” look in your home?  Well I am proud to announce that I have been featured along with 5...

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Christmas DIY…Luxurious Christmas Ball Topiaries

  This weekend I was feeling a little crafty especially after eating so much turkey and dressing for  Thanksgiving.  I needed to do something to take my mind off of the Thanksgiving’s leftovers, so putting up my Christmas decorations were the perfect fix.  I had already started a little Christmas...

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